English Language



With many leading companies requiring their employees to have high levels of  English language skills, there is a growing demand for Business English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Book an ESP course to fast track your career.   
English Language courses for professionals are run throughout the year for individuals or groups. Many of the courses can be designed and tailored to your specific needs.
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Business English skills are essential in today’s global markets. Improve your business English vocabulary and knowledge to open up new career opportunities and international markets. It’s perfect for improving your English for applications, meetings, telephone calls, presentations, etc.

Business Management


Aviation English courses are for pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers, flight attendants, and other aviation professionals who want to study English to meet ICAO English proficiency requirements. These courses are ideal for those who want to learn specific aviation English vocabulary and expressions used in the English aviation system.



Take your career to the next level with an engineering course. Develop your communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of engineering to enable you to communicate confidently and effectively with colleagues and customers.


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There is more and more demand for teaching English in English. Whether you want to develop your confidence in using English in the classroom, build your classroom vocabulary, learn new teaching methodologies, or need new teaching qualifications in EFL/ESL, there is a course for you. 

Teacher Training


Courses are for nurses who want to work, or who are already working, in an English-speaking environment and want to refresh or upgrade their language skills. Ideal for those who are studying for a Nursing English test, such as the OET.  



A Military English course will provide you with greater confidence in your ability to use English specifically related to key military English terminology. Broader language skills will be developed to aid in diplomatic language.