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IELTS: 2020

Changes in January 2020

As of January 2020, there will be some changes made to the IELTS exam that will impact anybody wanting to take the IELTS. In this blog, I will look at the 3 changes and outline how they will impact you.

Change 1: In the IELTS Listening Part 1, there will be no example played. Usually, there would be an example answer for you to listen to at the start of the recording. This helped you get used to the accent and check the volume if you were using headphones. This example has now been removed. This is a very important change that you need to be ready for which means that you need to be ready and listen from the start of the recording for answer 1.

Change 2: The word “sections” will now be changed to “parts”. This will not affect the actual test, but it may be useful to know when preparing for the exam or when following the examiner's instructions during the test.

Change 3: There will be no page number references. But there will still be references to the question numbers. Again this is no big change for you but is something to be aware of especially in your preparation and study leading up to your exam.

So to sum up, there are three changes that have been made but the one that is most important is that there will now be no example played in Part 1. This means you have to concentrate and be ready to start as soon as the listening section begins.

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