About Us

Our aim is to provide expert support in finding an English Language course which suits your needs and enables you to gain a competitive edge whether it is for professional development, exam preparation, building confidence, or to enhance life skills.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience and expertise in English language provision in the UK and Korea, we have handpicked a series of bespoke immersion courses which aim to exceed your expectations in developing and building confidence in your English language skills.


Being based in the UK allows us to gain firsthand knowledge for each course and location as well as being in a position to provide any help and guidance required.







Uk Uhak Connections an Education Consultancy based in Bristol, a city located in the South West of the UK which is regarded highly as a centre of academic excellence, with a vibrant music and art culture while also having quick and convenient transport links to other major academic and tourist destinations in the UK:


London - 120 minutes (car) / 80 minutes (train)

Birmingham - 100 minutes (car) / 90 minutes (train)

Cardiff - 55 minutes (car) / 40 minutes (train)

We specialize in providing professional educational services and advice to students who wish to study in an English speaking country (U.K., U.S.A. and Australia) whatever your language learning goals.


We represent many well known and prestigious language schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions in the United Kingdom and will provide personalized advice and services based on which is the best fit for each individual and their learning goals.


We offer our services and help to anyone looking to study in the following areas:


Because we are constantly seeking to partner with new schools and universities, we are able to find the best courses for you in the best location. We are partnered with many schools located throughout the UK, U.S.A and Australia.

Our agency takes seriously our commitment to the educational institutions we are responsible for and abide by our core values:
         Professionalism                      Integrity                        Transparency