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Through our carefully selected partners, we offer English language courses and lessons throughout the UK, USA, and Australia. Whether you would like to take a junior summer/winter holiday course, prepare for an English language exam, study for an undergraduate /postgraduate course, improve career prospects on our professional courses or for personal development or while traveling on a general English course, our highly popular courses offer a wide choice of options. Most courses are taught at multiple levels and you can start anywhere from beginner to advanced. We offer short courses, intensive and fast track if you need to learn in a hurry, as well as 1 to 1 and distance.


Not sure on the best option for yourself, why not get in contact for a free 20-minute consultation with one of our expert language specialists.  



UK Uhak Connections' aim is to provide expert support in finding an English Language course that suits your needs and enables you to gain a competitive edge whether it is for professional development, exam preparation, building confidence, or to enhance life skills.




English Courses

Choose a course from one of our specially selected language providers from London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh, Cork and many more locations across the UK.

1 to 1 Lessons

Get instruction tailored to your specific needs, goals, and learning style while remaining consistent by being accountable to a teacher at a time that is flexible and convenient. 1 to 1 lessons are ideal for building confidence, brushing up on your language before you travel or maintaining your language level after returning home.

University Pathway


The Pathway course is a perfect way to make sure you can study the degree you want. Decide from a range of pathways for undergraduate and postgraduate study in the UK, USA or Australia. 


Gayoung Choi

I had an amazing time at the summer camp and made some great friends from many different countries. I learned a lot and now, I feel more confident in speaking English.

Yeji Sung

The small classes, international students  and great teachers helped me improve my English. I really enjoyed the trips and made life-long friends. 

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